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A HIPAA compliant calendar based mileage tracker.

Calendar based mileage tracking

Milelogix uses your existing software based calendar to generate a report detailing mileage and drive-time for every session scheduled.

The Milelogix Advantage

Milelogix is fast, simple and easy to use. Unlike convoluted mileage tracking systems there’s no training required to get started.

  • HIPAA compliant - we’ll extend a business associate agreement (BAA) to you at your request.
  • Fully transparent mileage tracking - take the guesswork out of maintaining mileage logs.
  • Use your existing calendar scheduling solution - Milelogix supports any iCalendar (e.g. Google Calendar) based calendar export.
  • Web based - no need for you or your employees to download an app.
  • Provide as an employee benefit - let your staff focus on what matters most, providing the best service to your clients.
  • Massive reduction of time spent on tracking mileage. Let Milelogix do all the hard work of collecting addresses and calculating drive time between your sessions.

HIPAA Compliance

Did you know that addresses are considered one of the 18 types of personal health information (PHI) that are covered under HIPAA? Submitting addresses to consumer grade mapping software like Google Maps and Microsoft Bing Maps potentially exposes your organization to the risk of a HIPAA violation. That’s why Milelogix uses an in house mapping engine to calculate mileage and drive time, so you can rest assure your client PHI is not being exposed.

Data Security

Milelogix runs on the Google Cloud Platform - a HIPAA compliant cloud provider. We use the highest grade encryption algorithms to protect your data in transport and at rest.

Data Privacy

ABALogix is fully committed to maintaining the privacy of your clients' PHI. Your calendar data is not shared, sold or transferred to third parties in any way shape or form.


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